Welcome to Human Planet

Dale Templar, Series Producer

Dale Templar, Series Producer

by Dale Templar, Series Producer

So what is Human Planet? Human Planet is a new 8×50 minute landmark documentary series being made by BBC Television. The series celebrates the human species and looks at our relationship with the natural world by showing the remarkable ways we have adapted to life in every environment on earth. It is due to be transmitted in the UK in the New Year 2011 and will be rolled out across the world soon after.

The production team is split across two sites, one in Bristol and one in Cardiff.

In BBC Bristol we are part of the world renowned Natural History Unit. You may have heard of us, but if not, you’ve probably watched some of our programmes. Many have been presented or narrated by Sir David Attenborough, like Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Most recently we’ve just finished Nature’s Great Events which our own executive producer, Brian Leith, worked on.

Timothy Allen, BBC Human Planet : It is forbidden to reproduce this image without written permission : Simien Mountains, Cliff farmers and Gelada Ba

BBC Human Planet : Simien Mountains

BBC Wales, based in Cardiff, are probably best known in the UK right now for producing high end popular dramas like Doctor Who. Torchwood, another sci-fi doc that comes out of Cardiff, is also an HD production and Human Planet will be using the same excellent post-production facilities. The factual department is best known for its ground-breaking anthropology documentary series Tribe.

In total we have a core team of 20 phenomenally talented programme makers, who come with a wide range of skills and experiences. Working with us are some of the best wildlife and documentary camera crews and fixers in the world. For the first time we have a dedicated stills photographer, Timothy Allen, who will be posting his own Human Planet blog every week at http://timothyallen.blogs.bbcearth.com/

BBC Human Planet : Suri Tribe (Surma)  of South West Ethiopia :

BBC Human Planet : Suri stick fight

The series started in full production in the summer of 2008 and we will be shooting over 70 stories in some of the most remote locations on earth in around 40 different countries.

Each episode will focus on one single environment: desert, jungles, arctic, grasslands, rivers, mountains, oceans and urban. Many of the stories are extremely dramatic and will show how we have successfully adapted and survived in the most challenging places on the planet.

As from next week each member of the team will be blogging their stories from the Human Planet. I will keep you updated on where everyone is and give you general news about the series.

Currently, we have teams that have just come back from the remote southern region of Mongolia, filming for the desert episode. On location are the Jungles and Mountains team who are in the Central African Republic and Nepal. I’ll let you work out which team is where!

BBC Human Planet : Arctic Dawn

BBC Human Planet : Arctic Dawn

That’s it for now …enjoy the photos and the sneak preview from the series. See the link if you’d like to read what Timothy Allen’s been up to and don’t forget to explore the new BBC Earth site too. Look out for the regular Friday posting from the Human Planet team, with fascinating stories and tales from both our many locations and from the office.

14 Responses to “Welcome to Human Planet”

  1. Stephen says:

    Sounds like another fantastic BBC project! I can’t wait to see this - and hope you have some stories from out here in Indonesia.

  2. mik says:

    our planet is so beautiful! thanks BBC for sharing it to us…

  3. amorina says:

    hola m llamo amorina y vi la pelicula “tierra” estuvo muy bueno m emocione…
    yo soy de argentina buenos aires y m encanta la naturaleza y los animales…
    bueno m voy estuvo rrr buena la peli


  4. marcela says:

    amo la vida por lo tanto amo ami planeta cuidemoslo por favor.

  5. facundo de argentina salta says:

    me gustan mucho los animales ,ellos merecen este planeta mucho mas que las personas.no sigamos destruyendolo no nos pertenece solo a nosotros .

  6. gromero says:

    he visto la pelicula tierra y es solo una pequeña muestra de lo que estamos haciendo. Pueda ser que en algun momento el mundo se se una como corresponde y podamos empezar a cuidar el planeta. es terrible lo que estamos haciendo.

  7. Marianela says:

    Vi la pelicula “LA TIERRA” con el colegio, y la verdad que me encanto, espero que la pelicula concientice a la gente de los cambios que pueden producirse en el planeta si seguimos contaminando

  8. Diego Bavera de Paraguay says:

    El mejor documental que he visto en mi vida, Planeta Tierra, fue realmente asombroso. Estoy esperando ansiosamente poder ver Los Grandes Eventos de la Naturaleza. Continuen filmando documentales sobre el reino animal. Gracias BBC.

  9. WENTWORTH says:

    Вот именно поэтому и иногда не хочется двигаться вперёд!

  10. пeлaгия says:

    Да уж… Тут как говорят люди: Артель воюет, а один горюет :)

  11. Михаил Кузьмин says:

    Даа… По моему мнению в этом сообщении нет никакой логики :)

  12. Роман Макаров says:

    В общем-то согласен :) Для меня это как раз очень актуально :)

  13. Семен Шишкин says:

    Вот именно поэтому и не хочется иногда двигаться вперёд!

  14. tapakah says:

    Спасибо. Давно такое искал :)

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